In-game badges for top three

Check out the unique in-game badges which top three of the Alienware Awesome Cup can display next to their names.

As promised earlier, there will of course be designated badges in-game for the players of the top three teams. These badges are unique and can not be earned in any other way but to finish first, second or third in Alienware Awesome Cup. Once earned, they can be displayed next to the players name in profiles and rankings inside the Awesomenauts game. Let everyone know what a badass player you are!

These are of course on top of the cash prizes and Alphas already associated with finishing in the top.

1st  3x Alienware Alphas
$1,800 cash
Gold in-game badges for the players
2nd 3x Alienware Alphas
$900 cash
Silver in-game badges for the players
3rd $900 cash
Bronze in-game badges for the players
4th $450 cash





There are currently no live or upcoming matches.