Tournament format and points


(12) Qualifier legs:

  • 12 qualifiers
    • ​6 for Europe
    • 6 for America
  • ​Open registration, each qualifier last one day
  • 128 Teams Per Individual Qualifier
  • 3 vs 3
  • Single Elimination Bracket
  • All rounds of the qualifiers are best of 1 except for the final which is best of 3
  • Finishing in certain placements comes with various amount of points


Points system:

  • ​1st - 30 points
  • 2nd - 15 points
  • 3-4th - 8 points
  • 5-8th - 4 points
  • 9-16th - 2 points
  • 17-32th - 1 point
  • ​the 16 teams with most points gathered in the qualifier legs advance to the finals
  • ties will be resolved by who got the highest placement in a qualifier leg


Main Bracket / Finals:

  • 16 teams
  • 3 vs 3
  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • Two days (Saturday June 27th and Sunday June 28th)
  • Best of 3 matches in the Winner Bracket
  • Best of 1 matches in the Loser Bracket (exception being the last two rounds which are best of 3)
  • Grand Final is a best of 5 match, with the winner bracket team starting 1-0




Qualifier match schedule (CEST = GMT+2, EDT = GMT-4, PDT = GMT-7)

Qualifiers will be divded into focus regions. Every other qualifier leg is for a European schedule and European hosts while every other are for an American schedule and American hosts. The tournament page will have list which qualifier leg is intended for which region.

Teams from other regions than the intended one are of course welcome to register for those qualifiers as long as they accept playing on the focus region's host and follows the announced schedule.


  • 16.00 CEST - Round of 128
  • 17.00 CEST - Round of 64
  • 18.00 CEST - Round of 32
  • 19.00 CEST - Round of 16
  • 20.00 CEST - Round of 8
  • 21.00 CEST - Round of 4
  • 22.00 CEST - Round of 2 - best of 3


  • 1pm EDT / 10am PDT - Round of 128
  • 2pm EDT / 11am PDT - Round of 64
  • 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT - Round of 32
  • 4pm EDT / 1pm PDT - Round of 16
  • 5pm EDT / 2pm PDT - Round of 8
  • 6pm EDT / 3pm PDT - Round of 4
  • 7pm EDT / 4pm PDT - Round of 2 - best of 3


Regardless of the actual amount of rounds or if a team receives a (bye) in the first round, every team is expected to be ready to play at the staring time of the qualifier. Keep in mind that if not all rounds are added to the qualifier bracket (because of less sign-ups, each round will be scheduled earlier).


For information regarding which dates to play and when registrations open, check the Tournament page



Tournament rules



  • Team captains need to create a team and invite the other members in order to register themselves for the qualifiers. Team members then need to accept the invitation to the team.
  • When registering for the tournament team members once again need to accept. While doing so, they must supply their Steam ID.
  • All players must have their correct Steam IDs entered as their Game Account
  • After registering you may change one or more players as long as the qualifier has not begun. You need to add the replacement player(s) to your team (and he/she needs to accept) before you can add him/her to the qualifier registration.
  • Teams are also required to check in before the qualifier start - any team failing to check in will be replaced automatically by a team in the Reserve list
  • Reserves must also check in to be eligable as replacements
  • Check-in starts three hours prior to the commencement of qualifier
  • Teams are allowed to register for multiple qualifiers and can change any number of players registrations. Players who are already qualified may not in any form join another qualifier.
  • Stand-ins are not allowed unless stated by an admin



  • All team captains are required to join the Awesome Cup steam group where you can contact admins and players alike regarding the matches. Members of teams open "Reports & Messages" at the relevant match page where messages can be posted to both admins and the opponents.
  • Registered player can find the opponent captain's Steam ID on the match page which allows direct contact in regards to drafting and hosting details



  • The winning team's captain has to enter the result on the related match page. A rar directory of the game's replay folder (*.rar) must be uploaded when entering the result.
  • Teams are required to keep all replays and screenshots taken until the end of the qualifier
  • For best of 3 matches, enter the result and screenshot after each individual game


Hosting, maps, bans and picks:

  • Qualifiers are scheduled at times suitable for EU audiences or US audiences, and will rotate from week to week. The EU / US focus will be clearly marked for each qualifier.
  • Matches will be hosted by US teams for US-focused qualifiers, and EU teams for EU-focused qualifiers
  • If the teams of a match are from different regions, the team from the region matching the specific qualifier will host
  • If the teams of a match are from the same region, then there is a lag test before the matches to determine host the game
  • To set up the specifics of your game, go to with /ac2 specified in the url. Once you are in touch with the opponents, create a draft session there.
    • One link is for your team, the other is for the opponents. Provide the correct one to your opponents.
    • You must use the correct team names in the settings there
    • Settings used are MAP Veto and Random starting team. Teams ban one map each and the remaining one will be played. Afterwards the teams ban one Naut each and proceed to select three to play in the order stated at the site.
  • Only Aiguillon, Sorona and Ribbit IV are allowed to be played in the tournament, AI Station 205 and AI Station 404 are not allowed
  • In best of three matches, the losing team of the first map will get to go as Starting team at AwesomeDraft for the next game


Drop-outs and walkovers

  • If a team drops out from a Qualifier, all subsequent opponents will recieve a walkover win
  • If a team drops out from the Main Bracket before the Main Bracket begins, the team will be replaced
  • If a team drops out of the Main Bracket after the Main Bracket has begun, all subsequent walkover wins
  • By dropping out of the tournament you forfeit all prizing.
  • If participating teams are unable to contact their opponent and 20 minutes passed from the scheduled starting time or if the opposing team is unable to present their three players into the game, it will result in a default win for the team that is fully ready to play.
    • In case of a walkover, notify an admin by filing a support ticket on the related match page
  • ​If you or someone from your team needs to leave the computer, you must report it to an admin before leaving, and then you will be provided up to 15 minutes to return. If you have not returned within 15 minutes then you will be forfeited in the bracket.


Disconnects and in-game issues:

  • If neither a player nor a tower have been killed and a player disconnects from the game, the game will be remade with the same map and nauts picked
  • If a player disconnects but first blood has been taken or a tower has been killed, the game will be played on as is.
  • First usage of known exploits or bugs will result in a forfeit of the current game. A second usage of known exploits or bugs will result  in disqualification and potentially bans from participating in further qualifiers and/or Awesome Cups.
  • A formal complaint regarding behaviour and/or bugs needs to occur no more than 15 minutes after the game ended, otherwise the matter will be considered as closed
  • Admins will reserve the right to disqualify a team based on their behaviour at their sole discretion if something noteworthy is brought to their attention


Spectating and streaming:

  • All spectators and non-affiliated streams are prohibited
  • Any sanctioned spectators such as tournament admins and/or affiliated streamers may not be rejected by the teams
  • Streaming will be done by a designated studio


The above rules are to be seen as a guideline but can be updated by head admin at any time, to reflect last minute changes or clarifications/modifications as required

Note that dates for the individual qualifier legs or main event may get altered later. Such changes will get announced at the site.